Fusion ---- An endless evolution of cuisine ….. to feast one’s eye on savour

It is the story of a Japanese Chef drifting in the States.

He served as a young apprentice under a sushi master for years, drilling the rooted and classic artistry in Japanese culinary, it is to be particular about craftsmanship, the prime and vigor of the fresh ingredients, the sculpturing technique, and even the portion of vinegar mixture. They all are the mastery of the race.

To explore vision of cooking, he drifted in America.

There is an absolutely different kind of culinary tradition in such a foreign boundary. Cooking for locals was his way to survive. Locally ingredients, Special chilies, fabulous spices, he tried his best to conglomerate it into his Japanese mastery.

Performing the marvelous craving skill, Jalapeno, a renowned Mexican green chili, is being transformed to be a silk-like Imperial seal of the oriental territory placed on a fresh slice of sashimi.

And they match, surprisingly good.

Synthesizing the mastery of Japanese culinary with the locally produced fresh ingredients in the States adroitly. It turns to be a profound taste regardless of the difference in race.

This is


It is made with peregrination and exploration. The adventure in life ignites the combination of taste.

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